Relative Films Ltd Relative Films Ltd Scottish award winning documentary production company of Duncan Cowles.

Silent Men (working title) is the debut feature-length documentary from BAFTA Scotland winning Scottish filmmaker Duncan Cowles.


Filmmaker Duncan Cowles turns the camera on himself, questioning his personal difficulties in being intimate and open with those closest to him.

An odd, awkward and unconventional journey that mixes deadpan humour with moments of real poignancy, Duncan’s honest and self-aware approach to documentary filmmaking finds him meeting a variety of different men and asking how they express their emotions.

From a man who films himself crying, to men who choose to open up in group therapy, to those who choose to keep everything to themselves… Duncan searches for a greater understanding of how to open up.

Will Duncan learn it’s better to keep your feelings to yourself, or will making this film finally give Duncan the courage to open up more with those he loves?

Status: Post-Production
Due: 2024

Duncan Cowles
Producers: Rebecca Day (Film in Mind), Sandra Leeming
Production Company: Relative Films Ltd
Supported by: Screen Scotland, The Whickers

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