Relative Films Ltd Relative Films Ltd Scottish award winning documentary production company of Duncan Cowles.

All Aboard! is a 30′ documentary commissioned for STV through the Scottish Documentary Institute’s ‘This is Scotland’ initiative. The film was directed by Duncan Cowles and broadcast on Friday March 8th 2019, 8pm on STV (Channel 3) to an audience of 259,000 viewers, and available for 30days on the STVPlayer.

Taking 14 hours, The MV Hrossey ferry travels overnight between Aberdeen & Shetland every day, making one stop at Orkney on the way. Onboard, islanders and crew members laugh, tell stories and reflect upon their lives during the overnight trip. Stunning views of Shetland, beautiful sunsets, breathtaking wildlife and if you’re lucky, a glimpse of the Northern lights in summer, all make up this epic Scottish journey north. Not to mention the inevitable bit of sea sickness…

This film is a unique insight into life onboard the MV Hrossey, seen through the eyes of the crew and passengers who travel it – some on a one-off lifetime trip, others on a regular commute. Islanders mix with tourists, staff live and work with each other, all of them bonding onboard the ferry.

Funny, heartwarming and relatable individuals tell their stories and give an insight into the life contained onboard this ship, connecting mainland Scotland to its most northernly set of islands.

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